Nanobubbles improve industrial processes by using natural resources and changing the properties of water. They improve chemical reactions, cleaning, disinfection and water treatment while being environmentally friendly

New innovative technology

Nanobubble technology can help create a cleaner and sustainable world by improving industrial processes, using natural resources and being environmentally friendly

Natural recovery

The unique properties of nanobubbles provide a cost-effective and natural way to restore water in various industries

Increases profitability

Our Necofusion™ products increase productivity and reduce costs through the unique properties of nanobubbles



Nanobubbles can significantly improve the performance of various industrial and commercial processes by bringing air or gas into liquids. This technology is widely used in various fields to increase productivity and efficiency, resulting in cost savings for companies

Increases growth

Nanobubbles stimulate plant growth and increase mineral uptake, reducing the need for fertilizers and increasing harvest

Improves the aquatic environment

Nanobubbles can significantly benefit seafood farming by increasing growth rates, improving water conditions and reducing mortality

Natural recovery

Nanobubbles effectively remove water contaminants, odors and bacteria, in lakes and streams, without using chemicals and at a low cost

Huge gas transmission

Our Necofusion™ products deliver an unparalleled gas transfer to liquids on the market. Gas levels stay at a very high level for a long time

Disinfectant effect

The nanobubbles have a disinfecting effect thanks to the release of the reactive oxygen radical hydroxyl radical (OH) when the bubbles collapse

Strong cleaning ability

The bubbles have a strong penetrating force that makes them effective at removing dirt and particles even into the smallest nook completely chemical-free

About the technology


Nanobubbles also called ultrafine bubbles are microscopic air or gas bubbles in liquid, most commonly water. The bubbles are the same size as a virus (0.1 μ) and are up to 1000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Nanobubbles act differently than larger bubbles because they are nanoscopic. All their beneficial properties – stability, negative surface charge, neutral buoyancy and oxidation are the result of their size. Nanobubbles can be formed not only with air but also with the help of different types of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen ozone, etc. The technology provides an extraordinary high gas transfer and the ability to oversaturate liquids with gases for long periods of time.

These unique properties enable nanobubbles to create unique results in many different areas.

Nanobubbles have created a new frontier in science and technology that is changing the way entire industries use and treat their water.

Unique properties

Nanobubbles behave differently than larger bubbles because they are nanoscopic. All their beneficial properties – stability, surface charge, neutral buoyancy and oxidation – are the result of their size. These unique properties enable nanobubbles to create unique results in many different areas

Nanobubbles also called Ultrafine bubbles or UFBs are nanoscopic bubbles that have the same size as a virus (0.1 μ) and are therefore not visible to the human eye.
A nanobubble is about 500-1000 times smaller than a hair. The bubbles can only be seen with the help of a laser or with special lab equipment.

Nanobubbles have a negatively charged surface and have the property of attracting cations (+). Nanobubbles that are generated directly receive a better charge than nanobubbles generated by circulation. In other words, the quality of the nanobubbles generated in our machines is very high. The pressure inside a nanobubble can reach as high as 3 MPa due to the ambient water pressure and the intermolecular force/electrostatic force.

The nanoscopic size of nanobubbles means that they are almost completely devoid of buoyancy. Their negatively charged surface causes them to repel other nanobubbles.
This allows nanobubbles in liquids to remain stable for up to 12 months. Even if you use a hose or spray out the water, they remain stable. Nanobubbles are heat resistant and can withstand temperatures up to about 80 degrees before they start to implode.

When a nanobubble with a pressure of 3 MPa implodes, the physical force becomes very large. Viruses, bacteria and fungi of the same size are physically crushed. This force also causes dirt particles to escape from the surfaces.

Nanobubbles increase the oxidation/reduction potential that eliminates pathogens and biofilm through a process called oxidation.

Areas of action

How the technology works

The animated film shows how our nanobubble technology works in several different areas.

Nanobubbles increase productivity and lower operating costs in industrial and commercial processes in a climate-smart way.

Nanobubbles contribute to a cleaner and sustainable world!

  • Streamlines processes

  • Increases profitability

  • 100% chemical free

Powerful products

Our nanobubble generators can create up to 8.5 trillion nanobubbles per minute, making them the most efficient and cost-effective nanobubble generators available.

With Necofusion™ products, you can take advantage of the latest nanobubble technology to quickly and easily create extremely high concentrations of nanobubbles. Our generators are easy to use and offer consistent, reliable results every time. Try our nanobubble generators today and experience the power and efficiency of our technology.

  • Creates up to 8.5 trillion bubbles per minute

  • Extraordinary gas transmission capability

  • Sustainable and clean technology


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About Naneco


At Naneco, we specialize in patented nanobubble technology, which increases productivity in industrial and commercial processes while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach.

Our Necofusion™ products harness the power of nature and use the properties of air, gas, soil and water through advanced nanobubble technology.

We maintain a strong partnership with the well-known Japanese company Maruyama, which has several patents in the field of nanobubble technology. As the exclusive agent for their complete range of nanobubble generators in the Nordics, we are well positioned to bring their groundbreaking solutions to market

Through cooperation and information exchange, we are at the forefront of the latest advances and developments in the field.




Our Necofusion™ products can be integrated into most systems without the need for any major changes or costly investments.

Most of our products can be obtained with different types of gas modules (ozone, oxygen, etc.) that allow liquids to be charged with trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles.

We develop tailor-made cost-effective total solutions based on your conditions and wishes. Get in touch with one of our experts and we will help you further!


Nanobubbles (also called Ultrafine bubbles or UFBs) are bubbles that are much smaller than the bubbles we see in our daily lives and have a diameter of less than 100 μm (= 0.1 mm). Their size gives the bubbles unique properties where each bubble receives a negative surface charge and an internal pressure of up to 30 atm.

To be able to see the nanobubbles, lab equipment is needed due to the size of the bubbles. But an easy way to get an indication is to hit the bubbles with a green laser pointer in, for example, a glass container. In this way, one will see a strong clear green line that distinguishes itself from ordinary water in the same type of glass container.

Water containing a large number of nanobubbles is transparent. The nanobubbles are reported to have a lifespan of up to 12 months, as they almost completely lose their natural buoyancy and become more resistant to temperature rises and movements than regular bubbles.
Thanks to this property, the bubbles are able to maintain a higher and more even oxygen level in the water. This accelerates the growth of e.g. cultivation and fishing.
Therefore, cultivation and fishing are very good areas of use for nanobubble technology.

Research of nanobubbles (Ultrafine bubbles) has a long history in Japan and has been developed with the participation of many scientists and engineers, mainly in areas such as mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering and chemical engineering.
Especially since the 1990s, basic research on microbubbles and Ultrafine bubbles and their many application examples have been reported, which laid the foundation for Japan to become an advanced country in this technology.

We are often told that and we had the same feeling when we started Naneco. However, there is a lot of research and evidence that this amazing technology works!


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