Nanobubbles are changing the rules of the game for industrial processes by using nature's resources in a new way. By changing the properties of water, nanobubbles can improve chemical reactions, cleaning, disinfection and water treatment, while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective

New innovative technology

Nanobubble technology is a promising and relatively new technology that has already improved a number of industrial processes in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way

Natural recovery

Nanobubbles' unique properties, such as negative charge and stability, make them effective in combating pollutants and harmful substances in water

Increases profitability

Our Necofusion™ products use nanobubbles to maximize productivity while reducing costs in the industry



The benefits of nanobubbles include higher productivity, lower operating costs, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact. They can also be used in a completely chemical-free way and are therefore environmentally friendly

Increases growth

Nanobubbles increase mineral uptake and improve plant growth, leading to higher yields and reduced fertilizer needs

Improves the aquatic environment

Nanobubbles can have a positive effect on fish and shellfish farms by improving water quality, increasing growth rates and reducing the risk of mortality

Natural recovery

Nanobubbles effectively eliminate pollution, odors and bacteria in lakes and watercourses, in an ecological and cost-effective way, without the need for chemicals

Huge gas transmission

Our Necofusion™ products provide outstanding gas transfer to liquids. Gas levels remain high for a long time, providing long-lasting effects and high performance

Disinfectant effect

Nanobubbles have a disinfecting effect by releasing reactive oxygen radicals, such as the hydroxyl radical (OH), when the bubbles collapse

Strong cleaning ability

The nanobubbles have an impressive penetration ability that makes them very effective at cleaning dirt and particles even in hard-to-reach places

About the technology


Nanobubbles also called ultrafine bubbles are microscopic air or gas bubbles in liquid, most commonly water. The bubbles are the same size as a virus (0.1 μ) and are up to 1000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Nanobubbles act differently than larger bubbles because they are nanoscopic. All their beneficial properties – stability, negative surface charge, neutral buoyancy and oxidation are the result of their size. Nanobubbles can be formed not only with air but also with the help of different types of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen ozone, etc. The technology provides an extraordinary high gas transfer and the ability to oversaturate liquids with gases for long periods of time.

These unique properties enable nanobubbles to create unique results in many different areas.

Nanobubbles have created a new frontier in science and technology that is changing the way entire industries use and treat their water.

Picture of Necofusion products in nanobubbles



Our machines are equipped with the latest nanobubble technology and can generate up to 8 trillion bubbles per minute.
These bubbles have a range of uses and can increase productivity in agriculture, aquaculture, water purification, cleaning and many other areas

Unique properties

Nanobubbles differ from larger bubbles due to their nanoscopic size. Their unique beneficial properties such as stability, surface charge, neutral buoyancy and oxidation are all a consequence of their size. These unique properties allow nanobubbles to deliver outstanding results in many different areas


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About Naneco


At Naneco, we specialize in patented nanobubble technology, which increases productivity in industrial and commercial processes while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach.

Our Necofusion™ products harness the power of nature and use the properties of air, gas, soil and water through advanced nanobubble technology.

We maintain a strong partnership with the well-known Japanese company Maruyama, which has several patents in the field of nanobubble technology. As the exclusive agent for their complete range of nanobubble generators in the Nordics, we are well positioned to bring their groundbreaking solutions to market

Through cooperation and information exchange, we are at the forefront of the latest advances and developments in the field.

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Our Necofusion™ products are designed to be easy to integrate into existing systems without the need for costly investments or major changes. We offer a wide range of products that can be adapted to your specific needs, including various gas modules (ozone, oxygen, etc.) that make it possible to charge liquids with trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles.

Our focus is on offering tailor-made and cost-effective comprehensive solutions that suit your conditions and wishes.

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