Nanobubbles increase yield
in an environmentally friendly way

Nanobubbles are an innovative technology that can bring significant benefits to agriculture in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Their long stability, negative surface charge and high internal pressure make them unique and ideal for maintaining optimal levels of dissolved oxygen in the water and delivering nutrients to the plants. Through the use of Naneco's Necofusion Growth™ technology, microscopic nanobubbles can be cost-effectively delivered to promote root growth and improve mineral uptake, leading to reduced fertilizer use and increased yield. Nanobubbles also help reduce disease and increase root mass, improving nutrient uptake and conversion efficiency in a natural way.

Increases profitability

Nanobubbles increase mineral uptake and improve plant growth, leading to higher yields and reduced fertilizer needs

Shortens growing cycles

Nanobubbles can shorten plant cycles by increasing plant nutrient uptake and reducing the need for fertilizers

Groundbreaking technology

Nanobubble technology is a sustainable and chemical-free technology that improves efficiency in many industries


Watch our animated film and discover how nanobubble technology can streamline industrial and commercial processes in agriculture in a sustainable and cost-effective way. With 100% chemical-free use, the technology also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production.


Nanobubbles have unique properties that make them superior to ordinary bubbles. They can maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen in water, which improves plant health and increases its growth potential

Increased growth

Nanobubbles provide greater and faster root growth, which improves the absorption of minerals, provides a greater harvest and a reduced and more efficient use of fertilizers

Improved plant health

Nanobubbles give crops a better resistance to environmental stresses by increasing the efficiency of nutrient uptake in plant roots and suppressing pathogens

Increased oxygen level

Nanobubbles have a high oxygen content and can stay longer in the water due to their size. When they reach the roots, they break down and release oxygen, increasing the oxygen level in the soil

Improved nutrient absorption

The nanobubble's negative surface charge transports nutrient solution efficiently to the plant's roots by repelling ions with the same charge. This means that the plants absorb more nutrients

Activation of the roots

By penetrating deep into the soil, nanobubbles increase the availability of oxygen and water for the roots. When the nanobubbles burst, they stimulate the roots and promote growth hormone secretion

Reduced plant nutrient requirements

Nanobubbles improve and make the nutrient supply more efficient by finely distributing the fertilizer to a micro level directly on the roots. This leads to increased efficiency in plant nutrient uptake

Car on tomatoes Naneco

Returns increased by 31%

We were able to achieve an impressive 31% increase in total yield in just 4 months in hydroponic cultivation. The test was carried out by comparing two identical cultivation areas under exactly the same conditions. The result was easy to measure and compare.

During the test period, a nanobubble generator was used to circulate the nutrient solution for 30 minutes each day. This enabled a more efficient use of the nutrients and gave the plants an extra boost to maximize their growth potential.

Image lettuce cultivation Naneco

Cultivation of salads 18% higher growth

In a hydroponic cultivation of lettuce, we achieved an impressive 18% increase in growth using nanobubble technology.

To carry out the test, we used two identical cultivation areas with the same conditions. One of the surfaces circulated the nutrient solution with a nanobubble generator for 30-40 minutes each day, while the other had no additional technology.

The result showed that the cultivation that used nanobubbles had a yield that was about 18% higher than the control group. This increase was due to improved growth and better utilization of nutrients.

Image strawberry cultivation Naneco

Cultivation of strawberries 15% higher growth

We performed a study on a strawberry farm to evaluate the effect of nanobubbles on plant growth and yield.

We used two identical growing areas with similar conditions and compared the growth of strawberries. One of the culture areas circulated the nutrient solution using a nanobubble generator for 40-50 minutes every other day, while the other had normal conditions.

The result showed that the strawberries grown with nanobubbles had a yield that was about 15% higher than the control group. This increase was due to improved growth and better utilization of nutrients.

The strawberries grown with nanobubbles also had a more intense red color and a heightened flavor compared to those grown without nanobubbles.




Our machines are equipped with the latest nanobubble technology and can generate up to 8 trillion bubbles per minute.
These bubbles have a range of uses and can increase productivity in agriculture, aquaculture, water treatment, cleaning and many other areas.

Necofusion GROW450G is the perfect growth system for the agricultural industry.

  • Creates up to 8 trillion bubbles per minute

  • Increases growth

  • Environmentally friendly technology

Nanobubblor Naneco Necofusion GROW450G