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  • Unique nanotechnology

  • Unique nanotechnology

  • Unique nanotechnology


Plants need oxygen to grow. Maintaining adequate levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in water is the easiest way to boost a plant's health.

Nanobubbles are negatively charged at the surface so that they pick up the (+) positively charged salts and nutrients and deliver them to the plant roots.

Necofusion Growth™ nanobubble technology delivers a high and consistent level of microscopic air/oxygen nanobubbles in a cost-effective manner. The high oxygen content stimulates root growth through a better absorption of minerals, which allows for a reduction and more efficient use of fertilizers. The harvest is significantly increased in some crops in a completely natural way. Elevated dose levels also reduce disease and increase root mass, increasing nutrient uptake and conversion efficiency.

Nanecos Necofusion™ products are ideal for rapidly raising and maintaining oversaturated DO levels in irrigation water in order to fully utilize the genetic potential of plants. Supercharging a plant's metabolism with oxygen can increase yields while reducing the crop's turning cycle.


Nanobubble technology is revolutionizing agriculture thanks to the amazing results obtained in a completely natural way. Nanobubbles use the power of the water and air to fully utilize the growth potential of plants.

Nanobubbles (also called Ultrafine bubbles or UFBs) are bubbles that are much smaller than the bubbles we see in our daily lives and have a diameter of less than 100 μm (= 0.1 mm). Its size gives the bubbles unique properties where each bubble receives a negative surface charge and an internal pressure of up to 30 atm.

To see nanobubbles, lab equipment is needed due to the size of the bubbles. But an easy way to get an indication is to hit the bubbles with a green laser pointer in, for example, a glass container. In this way, one will see a strong clear green line that distinguishes itself from ordinary water in the same type of glass container.

Water containing a large number of nanobubbles is transparent. Nanobubbles are reported to have a lifespan of up to 12 months, as they almost completely lose their natural buoyancy and become more resistant to temperature rises and movements than regular bubbles.
Thanks to this property, the bubbles are able to maintain a higher and more even oxygen level in the water. This accelerates the growth of e.g. cultivation and fishing.
Therefore, cultivation and fishing are very good areas of use for nanobubble technology.

Research of nanobubbles (Ultrafine bubbles) has a long history in Japan and has been developed with the participation of many scientists/engineers, mainly in areas such as mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering and chemical engineering.

We are often told that and we had the same feeling when we started Naneco. However, there is a lot of research and evidence that this amazing technology works!

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Our Necofusion™ products generate extremely high concentrations of nanobubbles, up to 8.5 trillion nanobubbles are created every minute thanks to the latest nanobubble technology.

Necofusion™ products immediately generate a very high concentration of nanobubbles without the need for any time-consuming recirculation process.

  • Japanese nanotechnology

  • Environmentally friendly technology

  • Increases productivity



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A number of our product models can be obtained with different types of gas modules (ozone, oxygen, etc.) that allow liquids to be charged with trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles.

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