Nanobubbles, also called ultrafine bubbles, are microscopic air or gas bubbles in liquid. A nanobubble has the same size as a virus (0.1 µ) and there are up to 1000 bubbles the width of a human hair. Nanobubbles can be formed using different types of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, ozone, etc. and are injected into different types of liquids.

Nanobubbles behave differently than larger bubbles because they are nanoscopic. All their beneficial properties – stability, surface charge, neutral buoyancy, oxidation, etc. – are the result of their size. These unique properties enable the nanobubbles to create unique results in many different areas.

Nanobubbles have created a new frontier in science and technology that is changing the way entire industries use and treat their water.


Invisible bubbles

A nanobubble has the same size as a virus (0.1 µ) and can therefore only be seen with the help of a laser or with special lab equipment

Neutral buoyancy

Due to their size, they do not rise to the surface like normal bubbles and burst, but remain stable for up to 12 months

Negative surface charge

The surface has a strong negative charge that attracts and attaches to organic materials and gives liquids a stronger rinsing effect

High internal pressure

The nanobubbles have a high internal pressure of about 3 MPa. This gives the bubbles a powerful cleaning ability

Powerful oxidation

The nanobubbles increase oxidation and
the reduction potential that eliminates pathogens and biofilm through a process called oxidation

Efficient gas transfer

They have an unsurpassed gas transmission that cannot be obtained with other methods on the market thanks to their unique properties

Increases flotation recovery

The nanobubbles provide a greatly increased flotation recovery of fine mineral particles compared to conventional flotation

Removes biofilm

They remove and prevent the build-up of biofilm in an efficient and environmentally friendly way without the need for chemicals

Even spread

The nanobubbles are dispersed evenly in liquids thanks to their neutral buoyancy and their negative surface charge which repels other bubbles

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Our machines feature the latest nanobubble technology and generate up to 8.5 trillion bubbles every minute.

They increase productivity in agricultural facilities, fish & shellfish farms, water treatment plants, in the cleaning sector and in many other areas.


The nanotechnology in our products comes from the Japanese listed company Maruyama, which was founded as early as 1895 in Japan. Maruyama develops products with the latest nanobubble technology.

Japanese Innovation

The products are of the highest quality with unparalleled reliability. Maruyama products are the most effective and reliable products on the market. A 5-year warranty is provided on all our generators.

5 year warranty

Tests carried out in the agricultural sector, the fishing industry, water treatment and the cleaning sector have shown very good results that cannot be obtained in any other natural and environmentally friendly way.

Environmentally friendly


Increased growth

Necofusion Growth™ nanobubbles bring great benefits to the agricultural sector by improving the growth and immunity of animals and plants.

In agriculture, the high oxygen content obtained with nanobubbles helps to stimulate root growth through a better absorption of minerals, enabling a reduced and more efficient use of fertilizers. The yield increases significantly for some crops.

In fishing and shellfish farming, growth is accelerated through the increased and more stable amount of oxygen. Mortality is also reduced through an improved water environment without harmful pathogens and parasites.

Some advantages:

  • Stimulates animal & plant growth
  • Improves root structure and nutrient absorption
  • Improves plant and water environment
  • Reduces disease and mortality


Water technology

Natural recovery

The nanobubble technology is a proven chemical-free water purification technology. Necofusion Pure™ nanobubbles purify and restore water without any need for chemicals, this is done in a cost-effective way. The nanobubbles are used to oxygenate lakes and waterways where problems with algae blooms and/or anaerobic bacteria have arisen. The nanobubbles quickly raise the oxygen level, the water is purified from pathogens and algae disappear in a short time.

In water purification, nanobubbles containing ozone are used to effectively purify the water in a cost-effective manner. Nanobubbles containing ozone gas remain stable for days or even weeks as opposed to a few hours with traditional methods.

Some advantages:

  • It is a 100% chemical-free technology
  • Breaks down pollutants
  • Removes algal blooms and anaerobic bacteria
  • High gas transfer



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Our products can be integrated into most systems without the need for any major changes or investments.

A number of our Necofusion™ models can be obtained with different types of gas modules (ozone, oxygen, etc.) which allow liquids to be charged with trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles.

Our goal is to tailor the best and most efficient solution based on your conditions and wishes. Get in touch with one of our experts and we will help you further!

  • Smarter technology

  • Wireless systems

  • Remote operation monitoring 24/7

Demand controlled irrigation

Necofusion™ nanobubble technology accelerates growth and increases yield, together with demand-controlled irrigation also greatly reduces water consumption and the use of fertilizers and pesticides

Connected system 24/7

Our Necofusion™ models can be connected to be controlled remotely, operational monitoring takes place 24/7. Service agreements can be purchased as well.

Fast and sustainable results

Nanobubbles fundamentally change the way companies use gases to improve their industrial processes, eliminate chemicals, save energy, treat water and increase animal & plant growth


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