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Nanobubblor Naneco Necofusion GROW450G
Nanobubblor Naneco Necofusion GROW450G
Nanobubblor Naneco Necofusion GROW450GF
Nanobubblor Naneco Necofusion GROW450GF



GROW450G Necofusion™ creates a very high concentration of nanobubbles, it holds several hundred million nanobubbles in only 1 cm³ of water. The nanobubbles are created directly without the need for time-consuming recirculation.

The GROW450G is mainly less suitable for medium-sized companies in the fish farming industry, the agricultural sector, animal husbandry etc.

We want our customers to feel safe when they shop with us and therefore we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
Our machines have a minimum 1-year warranty.

The GROW450G Necofusion™ creates up to 8 trillion nanobubbles (UFB) every minute.
In the standard version, the UP400M creates nanobubbles of air, with the gas module nanobubbles of ozone, oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide can also be created. Gas transfer to liquids is very high thanks to the nanobubble's unique properties, gas levels stay at a high level for a long time compared to traditional methods.

The GROW450G Necofusion™ is designed to work in many different areas and can be quickly integrated into existing systems without major disruption.


Product name Necofusion GROW450G

Type of productNanobubbles generator (UFB)

Gas module Yes (connects together)

Dimensions 850 x 650 x 450 mm

Engine power2,2 kW

Water absorption  32 l/min (at 1100 rpm)

Print3 Mpa

Quantity8 trillion UFB/min

Weight85 kg (netto)

8 trillion nanobubbles/min!

Japanese technology

5 year warranty

Increases profitability

Environmentally friendly technology



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Nanobubbles, also called ultrafine bubbles (UFB), are microscopic bubbles of air or gas in a liquid, usually water. The bubbles are as small as a virus (0.1 µ) and can be up to 1000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Nanobubbles work differently than larger bubbles because they are so small. Their beneficial properties, such as stability, negative charge, neutral buoyancy and oxidizing power, depend on their size. Nanobubbles can be formed from various gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, ozone and more. The technology provides an extremely high gas transmission and the possibility of saturating liquids with gases for long periods.

These unique properties enable nanobubbles to create unique results in many different areas.


The nanotechnology used in our products originates from the Japanese company Maruyama, which was founded as early as 1895 and is listed on the stock exchange in Japan. Maruyama develops products with the very latest nanotechnology.

Japanese Innovation

Maruyama's high-quality, reliable and efficient products come with an impressive 5-year warranty, demonstrating the company's confidence. They are the perfect choice for those looking for high quality and reliability

5 year warranty

Tests carried out in the agricultural sector, fishing industry, water purification and cleaning sector have shown exceptionally good results, which cannot be achieved with any other natural and environmentally friendly method

Environmentally friendly


Nanobubbles have a superior gas transfer capability due to their small size, making it possible to supersaturate liquids with gases for long periods of time. This opens up many opportunities in various fields where gas transmission is essential


    Our generators deliver an unparalleled gas transfer to liquids on the market. Gas levels stay at a very high level for a long time


    When nanobubbles are stimulated, they destabilize and collapse, releasing the hydroxyl radical (HO) which is one of the strongest known oxidizing agents

  • Trillions

    Up to 8 trillion nanobubbles are created every minute with the UP400M Necofusion™ without the need for time-consuming recirculation

  • Environmentally friendly

    The nanobubble technology uses the earth's natural resources and maximizes the properties of the air, soil and water

  • Pioneering

    Nanobubbles have created a new frontier for science and technology that is changing the way entire industries use and treat their water

  • Integrate

    Our unique Necofusion™ products can be integrated into most systems without the need for major changes and interruptions


Our Necofusion™ products can be used in many different areas to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Below we list some of the most popular industries