Our machines work excellently in several different areas, such as e.g. agricultural facilities, fish farms, water purification, cleaning, etc.

Trillions of nanobubbles are created every minute!

Unique Japanese technology

The nanotechnology in our products comes from the Japanese listed company Maruyama, which was founded as early as 1895 in Japan. Maruyama develops products with the latest nanotechnology.

Japanese Innovation

The products are of the highest quality with unparalleled reliability. Maruyama products are the most effective and reliable products on the market. A 5-year warranty is provided on each product.

5 ars guarantee

Tests carried out in the agricultural sector, the fishing industry, water treatment and the cleaning sector have shown very good results that cannot be obtained in any other natural and environmentally friendly way.

Environmentally friendly


Necofusion™ nanobubble technology accelerates growth and increases yield, together with demand-controlled irrigation, water consumption and the use of fertilizers and pesticides are also greatly reduced.

Our Necofusion™ models can be integrated into most systems without the need for any major changes or investments. They can be obtained with different types of gas modules (ozone, oxygen, etc.) that allow liquids to be charged with trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles.