Nanobubbles restore the natural balance of lakes, ponds, reservoirs and streams in a cost-effective and sustainable way.
The innovative nanobubble technology successfully eliminates the causes of algal blooms, smells and fish death in a natural and chemical-free way.

The unique properties of the nanobubbles provide a hyper-efficient oxygen transfer ability that increases dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and maintains a more aerobic environment compared to other methods. The nanobubbles can remain stable for several months and therefore a high-resolution oxygen level can be maintained for long periods of time.

Nanobubbles also have a strong oxidizing ability that effectively oxidizes organic pollutants that thus become harmless.


Nanobubble technology revolutionizes water treatments thanks to the amazing results obtained in a completely natural way. The nanobubbles maximize the natural power of water and air.

The exceptional gas transfer capability of the nanobubbles provides a greatly improved aeration efficiency at a low cost. Our nanobubble generators achieve oxygen transfer rates of over 85%.

Nanobubbles increase the oxidation potential and levels of dissolved oxygen needed to eliminate taste and odor compounds produced by algae, bacteria, anaerobic conditions, and rotting organic matter

Nanobubbles have unique chemical and physical properties. One of these is their oxidizing power which enhances the natural ability of water to break down unwanted organic compounds


Nanobubbles offer unique benefits for improving lakes and waterways. By introducing nanobubbles into the aquatic environment, the dissolved oxygen content can be significantly increased, which in turn promotes the health and well-being of the aquatic organisms.

Increases oxygen level

They increase the level of dissolved oxygen thanks to their unique properties

Reduces sediment accumulation

They transfer oxygen directly to the sediment and across the water body where it is needed most

Prevents algal blooms

Nanobubbles fight algae and increase water resistance

Breaks down organic matter

They provide a deep supply of oxygen even to hard-to-reach areas and reduce sediment accumulations

Prevents bad odors

Nanobubbles increase the oxidation potential and eliminate odorous compounds produced by algae, bacteria

Advanced oxidation

They increase the oxidation potential and eliminate odorous compounds produced by algae, bacteria




Our machines are equipped with the latest nanobubble technology and can generate up to 8 trillion bubbles per minute.
These bubbles have a range of uses and can increase productivity in agriculture, aquaculture, water treatment, cleaning and many other areas.

  • Japanese nanotechnology

  • Without any additives

  • Increases productivity

Nanobubblor Naneco Necofusion PURE450G


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Nanobubbles have unique properties

By using nanobubbles, lakes and waterways can be improved in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. They effectively prevent algal blooms and combat harmful aerobic bacteria while promoting oxygenation and creating a healthy and vibrant aquatic environment.


Nanobubbles are small gas bubbles, less than 100 nanometers in diameter, that can survive in water for a long time without reaching the surface and bursting. Their stability is due to the lack of buoyancy and their negative charge, which prevents collisions and the formation of larger bubbles. This makes nanobubbles a powerful tool for improving water quality in lakes and streams and preventing algae growth.


Nanobubbles have a negative surface charge that attracts positively charged ions and molecules in the surrounding water. Through this interaction, nanobubbles can effectively fight algae and reduce the availability of nutrients that cause algae formation. They also contribute to making the water more resistant to algae blooms and restore a natural balance in lakes and streams.


With an internal pressure of about 3 MPa, nanobubbles have powerful properties to fight algae and improve water quality. When the nanobubbles burst in the water, they generate hydroxyl radicals, one of the most powerful oxidants known. These radicals effectively counteract algae and reduce the availability of nutrients that promote algae formation. The use of nanobubbles is a promising way to restore a healthy and natural environment in lakes and streams, while reducing the need for chemicals and promoting sustainable water management.


Our Necofusion™ products are designed to be easy to integrate into existing systems without the need for costly investments or major changes. We offer a wide range of products that can be adapted to your specific needs, including various gas modules (ozone, oxygen, etc.) that make it possible to charge liquids with trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles.

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