Optimization of water treatment

Nanobubbles are one of the most promising technologies for improving water purification. Their unique properties can improve several processes in water treatment.

Thanks to the exceptional gas transmission capacity, nanobubbles provide a greatly improved aeration efficiency that significantly lowers energy consumption. They raise the level of dissolved oxygen for long periods and provide a deep supply of oxygen to the biological flock. This maintains a more aerobic biomass which increases treatment capacity and improves biological and chemical oxygen demand, including ammonia removal.

In addition, nanobubbles increase the physical separation and oxidation process without using chemicals, thanks to their unique properties.

By utilizing the power of nanobubbles, you can get more out of the treatment process and infrastructure, while contributing to more sustainable and efficient water purification.

Very high gas transfer

Our nanobubble generators achieve very high oxygen transfer rates and can be used as the sole aeration technology or as a supplement to an existing aeration system. Nanobubbles also improve existing aeration systems by removing surfactants

Advanced oxidation

When gas-filled nanobubbles meet pollutants, an efficient oxidation process begins that effectively breaks down existing molecular structures. The nanobubbles attach to particles of contaminants in the wastewater that are then brought to the surface, forming a slurry layer that is foamed away


Nanobubble technology revolutionizes water treatments thanks to the amazing results obtained in a completely natural way. The nanobubbles maximize the natural power of water and air.

The exceptional gas transfer ability of nanobubbles provides a greatly improved aeration efficiency that significantly reduces energy consumption. Our nanobubble generators achieve oxygen transfer rates of over 85%.

Nanobubbles increase the level of dissolved oxygen for long periods of time and provide a deep supply of oxygen to the biological flock. Thanks to this, a more aerobic biomass is thus maintained, which increases the treatment capacity and improves the biological and chemical oxygen demand and acts ammonia removal

Nanobubbles increase the oxidation potential and levels of dissolved oxygen needed to eliminate taste and odor compounds produced by algae, bacteria, anaerobic conditions, and rotting organic matter

The neutral buoyancy, hydrophobic nature and strong negative surface charge of nanobubbles make them attracted to pollutants such as fats, oils, fats, surfactants, colloids and solids. The nanobubbles envelop the impurity and separate it from the solution, allowing it to be easily removed by flotation or filtration

Our nanobubble generators achieve an oxygen transfer rate of over 85%. The dissolved oxygen level (DO) stays high for long periods of time thanks to the unique properties of nanobubbles that allow them to remain stable in liquids for several months.




Our Necofusion™ products generate extremely high concentrations of nanobubbles, up to 8 trillion nanobubbles are created every minute thanks to the latest nanobubble technology.

Necofusion™ products immediately generate a very high concentration of nanobubbles without the need for any time-consuming recirculation process.

  • Japanese nanotechnology

  • Environmentally friendly technology

  • Increases productivity

Nanobubblor Naneco Necofusion PURE450G



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Our water environments are threatened by more and more pollutants that accumulate in high concentrations and pose an increasing risk to the environment and health.

In order to meet the stricter requirements for water treatment, it is important to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Nanobubble technology is one such solution that can optimize and make sewage treatment more efficient.

Naneco's nanobubble generators can inject oxygen nanobubbles into water with a transfer efficiency of over 70%. The unique properties of the nanobubbles mean that the dissolved oxygen (DO) level is kept high for long periods and can remain stable in liquids for several months.

This technology offers a chemical-free and efficient oxidation process that oxidizes organic contaminants and renders them harmless. The negatively charged nanobubbles attach to particles of pollutants in the wastewater and bring them to the surface where they form a slurry layer that can be skimmed away.

The nanobubble technology removes pollutants from wastewater in a sustainable way and with high efficiency.
This can help protect our water environments and reduce the risk of pollution.

  • 100% chemical-free technology

  • Lowers operating costs

  • Innovative nanotechnology


Our Necofusion™ products are designed to be easy to integrate into existing systems without the need for costly investments or major changes. We offer a wide range of products that can be adapted to your specific needs, including various gas modules (ozone, oxygen, etc.) that make it possible to charge liquids with trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles.

Our focus is on offering tailor-made and cost-effective comprehensive solutions that suit your conditions and wishes.

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