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UP400M from Maruyama creates a very high concentration of nanobubbles, accommodating several hundred million nanobubbles in just 1 cm³ of water. Nanobubbles are generated instantly without the need for time-consuming recirculation.

UP400M is primarily suitable for small to medium-sized businesses in the aquaculture industry, agriculture sector, animal husbandry, and more.

We want our customers to feel confident when they shop with us, which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our machines come with a minimum of 1 year warranty

UP400M from Maruyama generates up to 8 trillion nanobubbles (UFB) every minute. In its standard configuration, UP400M creates nanobubbles of air, but with the gas module, nanobubbles of ozone, oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide can also be produced. The gas transfer to liquids is very high thanks to the unique properties of nanobubbles, and gas levels remain at a high level for an extended period compared to traditional methods.

UP400M is designed to function in various fields and can be quickly integrated into existing systems without significant interruptions.

Product Name: UP400M Maruyama

Product Type: Nanobubble Generator (UFB)

Dimensions: 905x420x460 mm

Motor Power: 2.2 kW

Water Intake: 32 l/min (at 1100 rpm)

Pressure: 3 Mpa

Quantity: 8 trillion nanobubbles/min

Weight: 62 kg (net)

Accessories: Suction hose, water/drainage hose, suction strainer, V-belt pulley

8 trillion nanobubbles/min!

Japanese technology

5-year warranty

Environmentally friendly technology

Customized for gas module



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Nanobubbles, also known as ultrafine bubbles (UFB), are microscopic bubbles of air or gas in a liquid, most commonly water. These bubbles are as small as a virus (0.1 µ) and can be up to 1000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Nanobubbles function differently than larger bubbles due to their small size. Their advantageous properties, such as stability, negative charge, neutral buoyancy, and oxidative capacity, are a result of their size. Nanobubbles can be formed with various gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, ozone, and more. This technology offers extremely high gas transfer rates and the ability to saturate liquids with gases for extended periods.

These unique characteristics allow nanobubbles to achieve remarkable results in various fields.


The nanotechnology used in our products originates from the Japanese company Maruyama, which was founded in 1895 and is listed on the stock exchange in Japan. Maruyama develops products with the latest nanotechnology


Maruyama's high-quality, reliable, and efficient products come with an impressive 5-year warranty, demonstrating the company's confidence. They are the perfect choice for those seeking high quality and reliability


Tests conducted in the agricultural sector, fishing industry, water purification, and cleaning sector have shown exceptionally positive results that cannot be achieved with any other natural and environmentally friendly method